At Falls Metal Fabricators and Industrial Services, we have the capabilities to prototype, design and develop any type of custom hand railing. We can fabricate and install any type of hand railing out of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, or Carbon Steel painted or powder coated to your exact specifications.


Many fabricators shy away from handrail fabrication because of the skill level required to consistently produce quality fabrication of this type – Not us. The more complex the item the more we step up to the challenge. Falls Metal Fabricators & Industrial Services produces straight handrails, stair handrails and circular handrails. We consistently produce handrails that fit in the field at the lowest prices available on the market.

As with all our fabrication, we can provide any coating system ranging from shop primer to a multi-coat paint system to hot-dipped galvanized furnished to your specifications.

Below is a listing of the types of handrails that we commonly produce:

* Carbon Steel Angle Iron Handrails
* Stainless Steel Angle Iron Handrails
* Carbon Steel Pipe Handrails
* Stainless Steel Pipe Handrails
* Carbon Steel Tubing Handrails
* Aluminum Pipe Handrails
* Carbon Steel Rod and Bar Handrails