At Falls Metal Fabricators & Industrial Services, we have a fully-staffed team of degreed engineers. Our engineering and design team can support all phases of the manufacturing process - from the conceptual phase of product development to production - to ensure maximum efficiency and the greatest precision for our customers.

Innovation is fundamental to our organization and our engineering team along with our skilled craftsmen can provide assistance to our customers with product development. Our engineering team utilizes the latest design software to produce premium results in every precision machined or fabricated metal part. We provide design assistance, engineering assistance, determine the manufacturability of the component, and recommend the best application/process for our customers’ parts. This pro-active approach allows our engineers to work with customers in a timely manner, to resolve manufacturing concerns before production begins.

Product Development

At Falls Metal Fabricators & Industrial Services, we help our customers get the most value out of the manufacturing process. That’s why our engineers work with our customers throughout the product development process to make sure that products don’t fail at the manufacturing stage. Not only do we ensure a high degree of structural integrity, quality, and value in our customers’ products, but we also provide both time and cost efficiency in our manufacturing process.

Case Study

One of two in the world, this multi-million dollar 150 ton press machine underwent a factory weld failure. Seeking a company to meet the requirements of the repair, Falls Metal Fabricators & Industrial Services was able to scope and repair the machine with less than 12 hours of downtime.

Our team traveled on site and repaired the crack in less than 12 hours, significantly less than the estimated projected downtime.


3d modeling

Whether our customers already have an existing 3D Model or CAD/CAM file or just a hand-drawn sketch, Falls Metal Fabricators & Industrial Services is ready to develop prototypes quickly and accurately using our state-of-the-art machines and software.



At Falls Metal Fabricators & Industrial Services, we welcome the opportunity to comply with safety regulations for our customers. As a result, our engineers and operators are very experienced in making prototypes which translate to faster turn-around and very precise results. The above drawing indicates the design and fabrication of safety guarding that was designed for OHSA Safety Compliance and insurance inspection.