We draft, design and engineer conveyor systems and mechanical handling equipment that is commonly used in the operation of moving materials from one location to another. At Falls Metal Fabricators & Industrial Services, the conveyors we build are especially useful in applications that transport heavy or bulky materials.


Falls Metal Fabricators & Industrial Services can design any conveyor to move parts through the assembly process, custom fabricated, and delivered for precise delivery and a stable cutting surfaces for robotic drills. Our team of industrial and mechanical consultants will design and integrate multiple forms of conveyors and end effectors to create an ergonomic workflow that keeps your materials, tools and human resources working to meet your goals.

Manufacturing plants in the automotive, marine, food processing, aeronautical and many other industries turn to Falls Metal Fabricators & Industrial Services for all types of materials handling solutions including:

* Roller conveyors
* Conveyor belts
* Pallet jacks
* Casters and carts
* Lifts and turntables
* Cranes
* Custom adaptations for end effectors