Falls Metal Fabricators & Industrial Services is a leader among architectural metal fabricators and works to provide clients with unique, custom architectural elements. Our machines and craftspeople work together to create elements that are aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, and of the highest quality. We use punching, laser cutting and bending techniques to create custom, unique solutions and have worked on nearly every kind of metal fabrication project. Among those architectural metal fabrication projects, the following are the most popular: Decks, Railings, Platforms, Siding, Artful cladding, and much more.

Architectural metal fabrication combines the rare qualities of technology, experience and craftsmanship—which are all needed to create in today’s modern construction environment, a product that is fabricated and installed to the highest of standards.

Our capabilities

• Punching
• Rolling
• Forming
• Sawing
• TIG Welding
• MIG Welding
• Deburring
• Painting

Let us know if you have any need of our services for your architectural needs. Have a conversation with our sales team to get started.

Regardless of the type of project you need, you’ll find that our procedures are of the highest quality and excellence. Client satisfaction is what we aim for, and we ensure it in all of our work.

Thinking about using alternative materials? Our designers use a variety of construction materials and finishes that can complement any architectural concept. We are by far one of the most flexible and accommodating architectural metal fabricators in the market, and we can’t wait to work with you on your next project.

We can build from design plans or engineer a product from provided drawings; we can design and engineer all types of architectural metal products for virtually any commercial or industrial application. This includes Canopies, Ornamental Railings and unique custom architectural furnishings – all offered in painted steel, stainless steel, aluminum and more. Our projects include customized installations at sports complexes, universities, commercial buildings and many other applications.