At Falls Metal Fabricators & Industrial Services, we have been specializing in the fabrication of moveable bridge machinery, heavy equipment, machinery bases, conveyer housings, and other large structural steel assemblies since 1939. We are capable of handling, moving, welding, and expertly fabricating a wide range of very heavy, bulky, and irregularly-sized components.


We provide great workmanship, welding design & fabrication at a reasonable price for construction, extruders, dust collectors and other manufacturing equipment.
Many times you are faced with a difficult new task that will require special modification to your equipment. We can provide you with those modifications that will improve your productivity and increase your profitability. Please contact us by phone or e-mail and we will evaluate the modification your equipment needs and supply you with a competitive estimate for a quality welding job.


Falls Metal Fabricators & Industrial Services offers repairs, replacements and custom modifications to equipment including but not limited to:
Extrusion equipment, hoppers, feeders, conveyors, silo, structural steel, platforms, machinery, grinders, and more.