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OSHA/Safety Guards

OSHA/safety guarding is a part of any company that has a machine with external moving parts. The 1st picture on the left represents when an OSHA representative inspects a company and they are deemed non-compliant and that machine is tagged out and inoperable until the addressed safety issue is resolved. Falls Metal Fabricators and Industrial Services can resolve the issue by creating a guard specifically for your machinery.

Case Study: OSHA Guard Job #1

We were given a call and the issue was explained to us and we were asked if we could get them compliant and back to business as usual. Our reply was "absolutely". Pictures 2 and 3 are representatives of our field visit, evaluation, and agreement to the customer. Now the customer is happy, and the workers have an efficient way to change belts and rolls the "safe way".

Our Solution

The pictures below represent our design, fabrication, and installation of an OSHA compliant clam shell belt guard. Refer to the Engineering and Design page for the design drawing for this guard.

The above picture is what the inspector tagged out.  Notice the exposed pullies.  When this machine is running, the belt and pullies are hazards for workers and anyone in the near vicinity.