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Engineering and Design

Renowned for design and engineering services, FMFIS provides our customers with a full array of engineering and design services. At our core, we are problem solvers, committed to helping make life better, easier and safer.

At Falls Metal Fabricators and Industrial Services, we provide our customers with a full array of engineering and design services. Our team passionately pursues engineered solutions with unique insight and innovation. Because our engineers have worked on the shop floor, designed and engineered projects in several industries and gained hands-on knowledge, they understand the importance of design while keeping costs down and quality up.


Featured Work

Multi-Million Dollar 150 Ton Press Machine Repair

Here are pictures of a before and after repair of a multi-million dollar 150 ton press machine that is one of two in the world. The machine had factory weld failure. Our customer found out that no one, except for FMFIS, was willing to repair this machine. Our staff came up with the repair and had our engineer verify the repair would work.

Once on site, our team repaired the crack and the customer was only down for less than 12 hours of production time. That was significantly less than their projected downtime.

We fixed the multi-million dollar 150 ton press machine, and our customer was very pleased with the results.

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3D Modeling

The first drawing represents our 3D capability of an outside bottle shed. We can also incorporate the 2D working drawings for fabrication.


The second drawing represents our capabilities of when a customer is inspected by a OSHA/insurance representative and they do not comply with safety regulation. The customer calls us to design, fabricate, and install the appropriate safety guarding to bring the company up to OSHA/safety regulations.

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